The exploitation of natural resources, along with insufficient environmental rules and regulations, constitute some of the principle causes of the environmental crisis. Despite the existence of international agreements and treaties aimed at protecting Nature, conditions continue to deteriorate.


In order to secure a healthy environment for people, including future generations, as well as living organisms and ecological systems, it is clear that the legal mechanisms put in place to protect Nature must evolve. This requires a paradigm shift, beyond the dominant anthropocentric prejudice which views Nature as passive matter, and into the holistic view of Nature as deserving of rights.


Our vision and work as an NGO align in the following ways: we promote the rights of Nature in Quebec and in Canada, and we contribute to research on the international level. Research and analysis are our most powerful tools, through which we seek to create and promote discussions at the legislative level. We represent Nature in national and international courts, working alongside lawyers and legal experts from all backgrounds towards legislative change.




At the International Observatory of Nature’s Rights we promote the research and recognition of Nature’s rights, the rights of water, and environmental justice.

Legal interventions

The International Observatory of Nature’s Rights offers legal advice and support in enacting bills, public policies, and peaceful interventions in legal proceedings by representing our partners in defending the rights of Nature.

Global approach

In partnership with the community, the International Observatory of Nature’s Rights fosters a network of international legal experts, lawyers, government agencies, academic institutions, and research centers who promote environmental justice by defending the rights of Nature and water.

Water represents identity in ethnic communities



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